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May 26,2011

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Who's Ming?


Thank you for visiting my site. This question has always haunted me, since the day I was born.

My website continues to grow. I doubt, if it will ever be finished. I guess it is a process, as I continue to grow and evolve myself. So please have patience and you won't regret getting involved with Ming's World. It's worth coming back to.

I'm just a simple islander with big dreams, I have traveled and lived in many parts of the world, but my search for myself has taken me back to the islands, my roots. There's no place in the world I'd like to be right now and love to share my island with you.

My main concern now, is maintaining the island as much as I can , to preserve it's original, raw, and extreme charm. So it is no surprise if my projects are geared towards Eco-Tourism, the protection of the environment, and preserving the islands' rugged appeal. Hope you enjoyed my site and will lend me a hand in my projects for the island, so you can enjoy it too.

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