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May 26,2011

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This page is dedicated to the loving memory of Antoinette Racho, who was born last May 8, 1992, and passed away last May 2003.



Please feel free to offer prayer or any of this item to Antoinette!Simply drag the item into her space..May her soul rest in peace!!!!

Lyndon Copland,a New Zealander, a friend who I have met in the internet,knew Antoinette's relatives from New Zealand.He ask me if I could check out her situation and if operation is still possible.I deed met Marife,Antoinette's mother,and brought them to the doctor.Unfortunately the doctor told me its too late.There's too little brain left, the surgery should have been done, a few years after she was born.


Anton was stricken with Hydrocephalus since the day she was born.She was 8 years old at that time I meet her,but her body was trapped in a 8-month old infant.

Her parents cannot afford for an operation.They knew she would not live long,but obviously Antoinette was figthing for her life.


Marife is a 30 year old, and a mother of 5 children.Her husband was a security guard,but is presently unemployed.She takes care of plants and sells them for a living.


This is Marife's Garden and their house is located behing it.She got and averages income of $1.00/day


Despite the situation,she maintain a sunny disposition and a strong faith in God.

I never aspired to be a superwoman,nor I can interfere in someone else karma.(so they say in the eastern philosophy),But I just couldn't sleep nights concious of her plight,moreso now,that I am aware of it.Worse than that, I feel frustrated not being able to do something about it.Antoinette did give it a good fight. No one expected her to live 10 long years.


I dedicate this page in the loving memory of Antoinette Racho,and her fighting spirit. In her passive still way, she has touched my life and all the people around her, who knew her personally. She has also touched the lives of people who have never met her from different parts of the world, who knew her from my website. For those who supported Antoinette and her family, Thank You so all know who you are !


is highly appreciated!!!


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